Uncurly Starter Kit

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  • 4 oz. Uncurly Keratin, enough for 2-5 treatments
  • 4 oz. Uncurly Pre-Shampoo to prepare for keratin treatment
  • BaByliss Pro Ceramic Tools Flat Iron selected to work well with Uncurly and provide excellent value:
    • Ceramic plates seal keratin better than expensive tourmaline and titanium
    • Lowest-priced professional iron maintaining a steady 300ºF-450ºF (150ºC-230ºC). A true workhorse, ideal for sealing keratin to hair.
    • Floating plate design for complete contact with hair across entire plate width
    • Superior quality by industry leader BaByliss PRO/Conair
    • NOTE: This iron is configured for 110 v North American voltage and Type A plugs/2 prongs. Use as-is in USA, Canada. Will need voltage/plug adaptors elsewhere. CHECK COMPATIBILITY before ordering.


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  • Uncurly is the only DIY Brazilian keratin that equals or exceeds any salon’s results
  • A 4 oz bottle (but we like to fill it to 4.5 oz — love ya!) contains 2-5 keratin treatments per typical client, depending on hair length, volume, porosity, and treatment iteration
  • Instructions included


Uncurly’s salon-quality formulas deliver a transformative keratin “topcoat” delivering every advantage of a top-level salon’s high-performance Brazilian keratin treatment:
  • Frizz-free, pouf-free hair — even in high humidity or heavy perspiration
  • Lasts 3-6 months — longer with successive treatments
  • Versatile styling — go straight and sleek, or loosened curls
  • Drying + styling time cut between one half and one tenth — fewer tangles, too
  • Restores hair damaged by bleach, heat, and relaxers to like-new condition
  • Natural-friendly — great for transitioning from relaxers
  • Strengthens against breakage for dramatically longer growth
  • Costs $15-$25 per typical treatment, depending on length and volume
  • Cruelty-free — no animal testing ever


Same Ingredients, Different Strengths

  • Uncurly Classic and Uncurly Plus contain exactly the same ingredients, but Uncurly Plus is a stronger concentration.
  • “Stronger” does not mean harsh or damaging. Both Uncurly Classic and Uncurly Plus are incapable of damaging your hair because they don’t break the hair’s molecular bonds the way relaxers, texturizers, and Japanese thermal reconditioning do.
  • Instead, Uncurly works by means of a protective keratin “topcoat” that smooths curl, eliminates frizz, and restores abused hair to like-new condition.
  • Both Uncurly Classic and Uncurly Plus are 100% safe for weak, damaged hair, and may be used on top of previous keratin treatments, relaxers, or hair color/bleach.

When to Choose Uncurly Classic:

  • Now in its 6th year of fabulous, high-performance results, Uncurly Classic is as effective as any salon’s Brazilian keratin treatment – indeed, more effective than many salon keratins, according to our clients.
  • Even if you had mediocre results from a salon keratin treatment, Uncurly Classic may still be right for you. When in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us for help determining the right formula for your goals. You might also consider ordering a sample.


  • You had great results with Uncurly Classic or other professional keratin treatments;  OR
  • You have Type 2 or Type 3 curls and want a frizz-free, smoothed out look, AND WHEN YOU — USE HEAT to style you still want more bend (ex: the ends turned under or flipped up) or some curl or wave, as opposed to a straighter style;  OR
  • You have low-volume or fine hair and are concerned about it looking too flat or thin.

When to Choose Uncurly Plus:

  • Uncurly Plus is formulated for hair that needs a treatment with extra “oomph” due to intense or resistant curl, extreme humidity, or preference for straighter hair. Types 3 and 4 hair will still retain some curl, particularly when air-dried, but when heat is used, they will smooth out more rapidly and easily than hair treated with Uncurly Classic. Frizz control will also be stronger and the treatment will last longer than Uncurly Classic.
  • Uncurly Plus has been extraordinarily well received by its intended clientele.
  • As Uncurly Plus wears off, the hair will pass through the stage it would have reached with Uncurly Classic.


  • You’ve used Uncurly Classic before and think your hair would perform even better with a more powerful treatment; OR
  • Your hair is difficult to straighten (i.e., Type 4a/b/c and some Type 3a/b/c hair) or has an extreme frizz problem;  AND
  • WHEN YOU — USE HEAT to style (blow dry, flat iron), you prefer a very straight look with less curl, bend, wave. You will still retain some loosened curl when air drying — particularly Type 4 hair — but it will be less than with Uncurly Classic.


If you’d like guidance in deciding which formula to use, try our free online Consultation.  We’d suggest sending in:

  • a picture or two of your hair (or similar), either air-dried or showing your styling problem
  • a picture or description of how you’d like it to look afterward (not essential but may be helpful)
  • info about your local humidity level
  • info about the styling effort you’re willing to make on a regular basis (i.e., air dry, blow dry, flat iron, etc.)

Alternatively, you may email us at info@uncurly.com, or text/call us at 1-301-842-4250.


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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 15 × 7 × 6 in

Uncurly Classic, Uncurly Plus

7 reviews for Uncurly Starter Kit

  1. Sharmila Ford (verified owner)

    First of all, I think it is important to say that different products work differently for different people. I am biracial (Indian/African American) and my hair is so curly and has a mind of its own. Add humidity to the equation and I am usually miserable. Uncurly worked great for me! Uncurly has made my hair very resistant to humidity. I applied the product 2 weeks ago and so far it has been great. I sat outside for dinner recently and my hair held up the entire night. I was so happy. Pretty sure I will be using this forever! Not sure how long it will last in my hair, but I’m not worried since I can reapply as needed. I highly recommend trying it.

  2. leah.barnes76

    I purchased Uncurly in September for my birthday after a salon consultation and hearing how “wishy washy” the stylist was about her results with the brand they were trained to use. I decided to do it myself since no one knows my hair better than me, and if it didn’t go well, at least I haven’t paid for a disaster. Anyway, Uncurly has, hands-down, been the best thing I have ever done for my hair, especially since going natural in 2010. (I’d processed my hair since the early 90s…) I recently went back to the salon to have my ends trimmed and all the stylists were asking me about the product with amazement about the results: the blow dry was super quick and easy and much of the damage she needed to trim was treated. She actually said it was probably better than their product and I applied it myself without issue!

  3. Krista Jenae (verified owner)

    No more breakage or reversion on my transitioning 4b/c hair. It looks great curly, straightens fast, and gets steadily longer. I’m extremely pleased.

  4. V. Moshovitis

    I have a head of thick, tough Greek hair and I’ve had uneven results with past keratin treatments (some treatments “took” while others didn’t do much and wore off quickly). I decided to try doing it myself to save money and hopefully get better results. My cousin recommended Uncurly Plus and I’m totally pleased with the results. A little tedious but better than sitting in a salon (and paying a lot for the privilege). I was surprised at how easy and stress-free the process was compared to the times I’ve tried to dye my hair. Improvements: My hair no longer frizzes AT ALL and it blow dries much faster and pro-looking or I can just air dry it and straighten it really fast with a flat iron. It’s better than any of keratin treatments I had before and I’m particularly pleased that it’s long-wearing. I’m at the two month mark now and it’s working as well as when I first applied it. Recommend.

  5. S. Gerhard

    Excellent product. I don/t normally take the time to write reviews but this one is deserved. This is hands-down the best DIY keratin I/ve used and I/ve probably used 7 or 8 different brands since I started DIYing my keratin about 5 years ago. This is the only one that/s given the same quality results I got from original formula Brazilian Blowout and Global Keratin, back before everything got watered down (I now find BB and Global to be meh on my hair)…It/s been a month and a half since I did the treatment and so far it/s holding up as strong as when I first did it, which also puts it in a class by itself. The flat iron works well but the numbers on the dial are way too small, tho in the end it/s the steady heat that matters for good execution results and no complaints there. And good CS when I had question.

  6. Keisha B.

    It took 2 hours but I love how my hair turned out. The relaxed part is in great condition and stopped breaking. The natural part is smooth and blends together well with the relaxed hair. I had a problem with the flat iron plug that kept falling out of the socket but it might have just been from the room I was in.

  7. Jenny R-S

    I had seen reviews of Uncurly on youtube and was interested in trying it. I am of Irish/French/Scottish/Native American descent. I have very thick, coarse hair that is neither straight nor curly. If I let it air dry, even with product, I end up looking like the Lion King. Even my previous flat iron would never work on straightening my hair. God forbid I ever had to go outside in the humidity, or rain, or snow! I wanted to balayage/ombre my already colored hair and was worried about damaging it. After I completed the ombre myself, it was definitely dry and damaged. I used Uncurly for the first time about 3 days after the ombre. I cannot even express how astounded I am by the results! I just let my hair air dry, without any product, and even my husband commented on how shiny, soft, and straight it is. I like to wear my hair in loose waves, but in doing so, it often looks dry and crunchy. It’s so silky now that I’m shocked every time I touch it. Thank you for making me love my hair!!!

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