Meghan Markle: 7 Frizz and Curl Problems She Solves With Keratin Treatments. You Can, Too.

Surprise: Meghan Markle’s Hair Is Naturally Curly and Frizzy

Meghan Markle’s worn her hair straight for the past twenty years, so many people don’t realize that it’s actually very curly and highly prone to frizz.

Her natural curls are about a 4A, as best we can tell from these photos.

But We’ve Always Seen Her In Straight Styles

Throughout her career, Markle has strictly worn smooth styles ranging from light waves to very straight. As she transitions into royalty, we’re seeing hats, too.

Keratin Treatments For Her Signature¬† “Smooth”

Meghan Markle relies on keratin treatments to smooth out her hair, eliminate frizz, and strengthen against breakage.

She experimented with relaxers and Japanese thermal reconditioning when she first started straightening her hair but now use keratin exclusively.

Keratin Treatments Solve 7 of Meghan Markle’s Natural Hair Issues

Comparing early photos to today’s, Meghan Markle’s hair reveals seven dramatic transformations that have resulted from keratin treatments. Her hair is now:


She has no frizz whatsoever — even in the notorious London fog. Thanks, keratin!


Triangulation is a close cousin to frizz — the hair poufs out at the bottom edges into a triangular profile. Nothing kills it like a keratin treatment.


There’s a big difference between wearing braids because you feel like it (fun) and wearing them to clamp down on bossy hair (not). A keratin treatment liberates your locks, for sure.


Keratin fills microscopic gaps in the cuticle, which allows light to bounce off curly or coarse hair, giving extra shine to what’s naturally matte.


Type 4 hair is highly prone to breakage. Keratin treatments apply a strengthening protective coating  that lets hair grow dramatically longer than before.


“Embrace your curls” isn’t everyone’s mantra. Many of us prefer wearing our hair smoothed out, and that’s legit. Keratin makes smoothing and straightening faster and easier than we ever dreamed possible (1/3 the previous time or less). And unmatched frizz control means that it stays smooth — no pouf, frizz, shrinkage, or reversion.


Keratin transforms “hyper” hair from a liability into an asset. NOT into limp, flat, defeated and damaged hair, but gorgeous, energetic, yet behaving body. For the first time in your life, have the best hair in the room.

Professional Keratin Treatments At Home

Great news: you don’t have to be a duchess to get these benefits for yourself. While salon keratin treatments cost $175 – $400, plus tip, Uncurly’s ultra-high performance at-home keratin treatment outperforms or equals any salon’s for about $25 per treatment. And results last 3-6 months — longer with successive treatments.

If you’ve ever had a disappointing, weak, short-lived keratin treatment, Uncurly is for you. We make serious keratin for serious hair, with Classic and Plus formulas suitable for every ethnicity, climate, and curl pattern.

Any questions? We offer a free consultation.¬† We’re always interested in what you have to say.

18 thoughts on “Meghan Markle: 7 Frizz and Curl Problems She Solves With Keratin Treatments. You Can, Too.

  1. There are no recent pictures on the internet of Meghan with her natural curly hair. It’s hard to compare a kid or a teenager with a grown woman. But I always think about Nicole Kidman. Whenever I see her with her natural curly hair (which is EXTREMELY curly(, I always wonder why she goes to the trouble of straightening it. I think that it’s a gorgeous look if styled properly, and Meghan would have access to the best of hair dressers to make her natural hair look wonderful.

    1. You’re right about no pictures anywhere of the adult Meghan with curly hair. The childhood pictures are all we have to show her hair without keratin. However, she can still wear it curly with a keratin treatment. It will be a looser, more defined version of its natural self and it won’t frizz in humidity. Many of our clients wear their hair curly but want to lose the frizz, strengthen it against breakage for longer growth, loosen the curl, make it air-dry faster, and make it smooth, stretch, or straighten quickly whenever they choose.

      You say curly hair is “a gorgeous look if styled properly,” but if you haven’t lived it, you may not know that an intense amount of work and product can go into that styling — as much or more than smoothing it out. Even then, if you lie down, get caught in wind or rain, wear a hat, pull a sweater over your head, etc., the style can be ruined and takes a lot of work to make look good again. Plus, some faces simply look better with smoothed out hair, just as some straight-haired people look better with curls and use tools or perms to make it happen. Ultimately, we need to respect each person’s right to pursue the look she chooses, even if we disagree.

  2. Hi my hair is just wavy but very frizzy and dry with lots of triangulation which i really hate. Also i live in the UK. What would you recommend? Thanks

    1. You will be fine using Uncurly Classic. It will eliminate the frizz and triangulation, as well as give your hair a very soft hand-feel and shine. We ship daily to the UK, and it’s typically a 5-6 day delivery.

  3. I am white girl with Porta Rican hair living in Florida! Is there a treatment that will get rid of the frizz but not lose all the curl?

    1. Hey, you may be right, but her kindergarten-era photo looks a little 4a to us. Can’t be sure given the photo resolution. When she’s back from her honeymoon, we’ll ask for an official statement.

    2. I agree. She’s between 3-b and 3c. If you see her baby pictures – the one her dad is holding her, you see her smoother curls. Without moisture 3c hair can be brittle giving a 4a feel and look. I worked in my Mom’s hair salon since age 12. My own hair is 3c and I. Some places on my head there is 3b like my sisters and Mom’s hair. Women of color (biracial) can make different textures on the heads. The edges and kitchen can often be more coils like 4a. My opinion.

    3. I saw that and thought the same thing. She is definitely in the 3 range and probably suffers from some extreme shirnkage from time to time like we all do. But Meghan is not a 4.

  4. Megan Markle is bi-racial but could this work on AA, 4A-4B hair and would I need to chop relaxed hair? Eight months into transitioning and I’m going crazy with the shrinkage.

    1. Yes, Uncurly works equally well on hair of all ethnicities. No, you would not need to cut the relaxed hair. It would be restored to almost like-new in terms of strength and condition, but it would not return to its pre-relaxer curl pattern. However, you could easily blend the new, transitioned growth with the relaxed hair. If you ultimately decided to cut the relaxed parts, the new growth would at least appear longer than before Uncurly, so you wouldn’t have as much short-hair shock. XOXO

  5. I recently had a keratin treatment that didn’t “take” and I’m wanting a stronger one. How long do I need to wait to do a keratin treatment at home?

    1. Hold it! We’re absolutely NOT saying that curly hair is ugly. Each of the “problems” listed in this post is a valid concern regularly brought to us by people looking for solutions. They deserve to be taken seriously.

      We’re here for the people who don’t like it when their hair frizzes or triangulates in humidity; not the ones who don’t mind. We’re here for the people who think that looser curls or straighter hair looks better with their facial features. People happy to wear their hair as-is, we’re happy for you.

      Using keratin is no different from wearing makeup or getting highlights and manicures: it’s not a political statement but a personal preference about how we like to style ourselves. Meghan Markle uses keratin treatments BY HER OWN CHOICE for easy styling and to prevent frizz and shrinkage. Does anyone think it’s not her right to make that decision?

      Uncurly is entirely focused on providing powerful, long lasting keratin treatments at home because DIY keratins are notoriously weak and short-lived.

    2. Thanks for this. Women dye their hair because it’s gray or they think another color looks better but then they try to guilt me to “Embrace Your Curls”. Keratin treatments ARE how I embrace my curls. My hair looks/acts great for the first time in my life.

      1. I agree! I choose to erase rather than embrace. Not to please anyone but myself! My hair is similar to Meghan’s and it was a daily drama most of my life. It was dry. It looked unhealthy. Going swimming was a nightmare. I LOVE now having smooth, shiny, healthy looking hair. Most of all it looks great, even when I wake up each morning.

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